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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Unique visions of miniature sculpture enclosed
in vintage vacuum tubes and fiction by  Peter A. Luber



Peter is a sculptor of truly miniature proportion -- few of his works are more than eight inches tall.  His primary format is mixed-media sculpture encased within vintage vacuum tubes.  Modeling was a weekend hobby while Peter spent two decades comfortably ensconced in corporate America.  He's left all that behind, with new goals of sharing his images of life in the form of tiny radio tube sculptures, and in his words, as expressed in his novels and short stories.

Already a highly skilled modeler, I became less and less interested in simply producing scale facsimiles, so I stopped copying and sought images from my own imagination and experience; images that meant more to me than a simple shrinking of recognizable objects. After some experimentation in an assortment of media, I discovered that vacuum tubes served as the perfect frame for my work. So I found a few, and then figured out how to insert a sculpted three-dimensional image inside while still leaving the viewer with the understanding that the object he is holding was once a component of an electronic device.
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