Vacuum Tube Radio Hat Part 2

Monday, March 15, 2010

Back by popular demand we revisit the Vacuum Tube Radio Hat here is the cover article as it appeared within the pages of  June 1949 Radio Electronics The editors made a number of tests on the Radio Hat and found it to be an exceptionally efficient receiver for outdoor purposee, In and around New York City with excellent volume. An efficient modified ultraudion circuit is used and the separation of stations clean and effective. The set is tuned with a control located between the two tubes on top of the hat. The device was found to be quite directional and for this reason the rotatable loop antenna should be used unless the wearer of the hat turns on his own axis to get the best reception. The manufacturer states that when the Radio Hat is put on the market its tubes will be coated with a tough plastic that will prevent damage from flying glass should a tube be broken. Click on the photos to enlarge or  PDF Link of article