Star Trek and Vacuum Tubes

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


In the TV episode, Mr Spock & Captain Kirk are hurled back to the 1930s by The Guardian of Forever to search for Dr. McCoy who entered 'The Guardian' earlier. In order to operate his tricorder, Mr Spock must built a large and complex electronic circuit, using only the materials of the period - wooden framing, vacuum tubes, bus-fuses, coils, transformers, and other crude electronic components.
The base is solid pine. The working part of the display was fashioned from light-weight wood, styrene plastic (simulated ceramic tube mounts), hand turned copper and brass wire coils, and real vintage vacuum tubes. The simulated electronic device was deliberately built to look primitive and hastily assembled like Mr Spock's did in the show. It was meant to have the same 'stone knives and bear skins' crudeness about it as the TV prop. For a finishing touch a 10-post chaser board rigged it to light up the vacuum tubes. The tricorder is free-standing on the display base and can be placed anywhere desired (in front of the vacuum tubes).

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