High Power Vacuum Tube Tesla Coil

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The vacuum tube device is a high powered Hartley radio frequency oscillator tuned to the resonant frequency of the secondary coil. The circuit uses a medium powered 833A triode transmitting tube that inherently has a high grid to plate capacitance and is readily available. The plate section of the coil is wound with 1/4 inch copper tubing. The grid feed back coil is wound with #16 litz wire. The secondary is wound with #24 litz wire on a properly prepped plastic form.

These spectacular display devices produce arcs and sparks quite unlike the damped spark gap driven Tesla coils. Operation does not require a noisy spark gap that produces copious amounts of RFI radio frequency interference, but operates efficiently at the quarter wave frequency of the secondary coil

Plans or Fully Assemble link click here

VACTESLA1 - Vacuum Tube Tesla Coil Plans (By Download - $10.00) .........................$20.00
VACTESLA10 - Fully Assembled 1kW Vacuum Tube Tesla Coil with 12" Toroid .....$3750.00