Classic Nixie Tube Clock Kits

Monday, December 14, 2009

Designed to pay homage to the era which birthed the Nixie, these clocks won't pick up radio stations, won't dock your iPod, and certainly won't play CDs. They won't even wake you up in the morning. But what they will do is display the time, beautifully and simply, like no other clock today can! Once utilized for military and high-end test equipment, Nixies are now prized for their modern aesthetics. The warm neon glow of a Nixie clock adds a cool retro touch to any office, home or work area.

Since their "demise", Nixie tubes haven't been manufactured domestically for decades. However they were still being manufactured in high volume in the mid 80's in the former Soviet Union. These Nixie tubes are the only ones readily available today, and are the tubes used in the clocks. These space-race era Russian manufactured tubes also feature a great conversation starter... the number "5" is an upside down "2" reflecting an efficient and cost effective design philosophy from the cold war superpower! Both unexpected, effective, and thought provoking!

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