Pirate Radio - Official Trailer

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ronan O'Rahillyd purchased a vessel called the Frederica which he fitted with studios, a 165ft radio mast and two 10kW transmitters at his family's port in Greenore, Southern Ireland.  Renaming it the MV Caroline, after John F Kennedy's daughter, in the Easter of 1964 he dropped anchor 3 miles off the coast of Felixstowe, and therefore in International Waters and beyond British law, and commenced broadcasts as 'Radio Caroline 199'.  The actual frequency was 1520 KHz, which was expressed as a wavelength of 199metres.  Do you remember the Radio Caroline bell?

UPDATE 11-23-09
Was able to see this movie it was very funny reminded me of Monty Python. Loved the sound track too. 3 0ut of 4 stars from the Blue Tube Project

Radio Caroline employed some the greatest DJ's who became very much loved household names.  Those names include: Roger (Twiggy) Day, Simon Dee, Johnnie Walker, Keith Skues and Roger Scott.  Radio Caroline was so popular that within months of going on air the station had more listeners than BBC radio.