Friday, October 2, 2009

While radio communication was still at the fledgling stage, a commentator in the London Spectator, quoted in the November 4, 1901 edition of the Los Angeles Times, looked ahead to what The Wireless Age might bring, predicting that "Some day men and women will carry wireless telephones as today we carry a card case or camera." Guglielmo Marconi was soon experimenting with mobile communication, as reported in Military Automobile for Wireless Telegraphy from the July 27, 1901 Western Electrician, and in a speech to a New York City meeting of the Automobile Club of America, reprinted in the May, 1902, The Cosmopolitan, suggested that in the future Wireless Telegraphy from an Automobile would be a "handy thing for automobiles in general". Charles Mulford Robinson, in the June, 1902 The Cosmopolitan, speculated about the effect unchaperoned Wireless Telegraphy communication would have on romance, and, more practically, suggested the new technology would ensure up-to-the-minute shopping lists.


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