Is it possible to hear radio broadcasts through your teeth? (click here)

Friday, May 29, 2009 points out two modern day cases where individuals picked up radio transmissions on their dental work.

1. In 1960, a youth in suburban Chicago named George, lost a front tooth. A year later, it was fitted with "…a cap that was attached to the tooth stump with what George recalls as a brass wire." Soon after, George began hearing music from his teeth, usually popular tunes of the day. This was eventually rectified after the dentist replaced the original cap with one that did not contain a wire.

2. In 1947, a woman named Lois – also from suburban Chicago – reported riding a train from Cleveland to Rhode Island. During 10 minutes of that trip, she reported hearing commercials and an announcer in her head. Lois reportedly had some silver fillings in her mouth.

There is also a story at which says: "Television comedienne Lucille Ball claimed radio transmissions picked up on her fillings led to the capture of Japanese spies."

The incident was alleged to have happened in 1942. has not been about to determine whether it’s true or not.