Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Welcome To The Blue Tube Project

This blog is part of a soon to be launched web project. The focus is to create entertaining  audio, video, and  images with a  vintage electronics theme. The vacuum tube is the heart and soul of any vintage radio or electronic device. Today the use of the vacuum  tube has been vertualy wiped out to the edge of extinction.  The evolution of electronics is always changing. 

My goal is to create a universe were vintage electronics can live on for generations to come. This project will be a group effort I encourage everyone to join in on the fun with the Blue Tube Project  and participate with your videos, animations, art,  photos of old rare tubes stories or what ever you thank may contribute to the project. If your an animator we have story lines.

To join all you need to do is submit your ideas videos photos by email for consideration.

Thank you for finding The Blue Tube Project. You can contact me through the blog or with a direct email

Larry B